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Anonymous purred:
Hi marta!:) I have lost 5kg in the past 8months or so and feel completely healthy but I didn't have my period in nearly 4 months and it's starting to worry me please help Ily

It might be normal and related due to the changes in your body - weight loss, diet change etc. But I’d still advise to visit a gynecologist. I know it always seems scary and embarrassing, but really - it’s not. It’s a normal doctor’s examination and it’s your health we’re talking about. So if you’re worried, ask a specialist, easy :-)


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Anonymous purred:
hiii! did you like fireproof? x

Burn me at the stake, but not really. I think it’s simple, cheesy and half-baked. I feel like it could have been done better.

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Anne’s new twitter icon

Anne’s new twitter icon

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onedirection:  #SaturdaysAreMadeFor..

onedirection:  #SaturdaysAreMadeFor..

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Harry arriving at LAX - 5/9

Harry arriving at LAX - 5/9

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