when u take off ur iphone case and it feels like ur holding a newborn

Why do you generalize all the phones in cases to iPhone? Do you assume that everyone has one? Fucking hipsters, damn…

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That's a good idea, but we're in a long distance relationship and we're minors and my parents can't know that I'm with him. How do I get help then?

You have to consider what’s more important, his life or your parents knowing. I don’t want to sound insensitive, because I’ve been there myself in self harm, but threatening you might be his way to keep you close. But still, maybe calling his parents to get help for him is a good idea. First, go to a psychologist near you and ask for advice there, I can’t say anything more, because I can’t take responsibility for something I can’t help you with. I’m sorry I don’t have golden advice, but really, I’d ask a specialist. xx

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Marta, I really need help. I'm trying I ask several people, so I can handle this situation well. I realized that I'm not actually in love with my boyfriend, but rather the idea of loving him. ( if that makes sense?) and I want to break it off, but he's extremely suicidal, really doesn't have any close friends and his family tells him they hate him. He told me if I ever leave him, he'll kill himself, which I believe because he's tried, and I just need help gettin out of this.

This is extremely tough situation and sincerely - I won’t give you advice on something I have no clue on, especially if it’s so serious. But what I think is that you can’t just ask several people, do the surveys among your friends. What you need to do is ask a specialist for help, cause they will give you better advice than me or anyone else. A psychologist should help you and him to get out of this situation without anyone getting physically hurt.


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harry's so cute & hot at the same time and I just dont understand.

Nobody understands. It’s a mystery of the unison of genes X of Anne and genes Y of Des, when they…well, you know ;-)

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But the thing is i don't want to see a doctor. I feel like I have enough calories even though I know I don't. I know this must sound stupid to you but I just can't help it anymore. I got bullied as a little kid because I was "fat" and it just kinda left a scar. People tell me a lot that they like me but I still think I'm not good enough and every time i see that # of my weight dropping I feel like i achieved at least sth. I just don't want to eat anymore even when I'm hungry. I literally can't.

I don’t think it’s stupid and I understand that. But you have to realize it’s your life we’re talking about here. Type anorexia in Google, watch the pics, look up the consequences. Do you wanna look like those girls? Like living skeletons? It’s a horrible disease. Please save yourself from that while you can, while you’re aware of the problem and while you still have a chance. xx

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your such a positive person,can i follow u on instagram? xxxx

Of course you can! That’s so nice of you. xx

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Lets celebrate the "even this year I'm not gonna see my idols perform day" together babe! How sad. xx

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V lines from hell: A memoir by Harry Styles. 

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hey sweetie!! how were your easter days? :) saturday my friends and I played truth or dare. my question was "did you ever felt for XX?" yes i said. I totally forgot about him till that day, but know I can't stop thinking about him...

I understand Mr. XX is someone you wanted to forget about. You can do it, babe. If you forgot about him before, you can do that now as well. Plenty fish in the sea ;-)

And my Easter was peaceful, my brother and I are ill, so we had a private, non - eventful Easter at home, without visiting the whole family (for once I could rest! haha). Hope you spent yours well :-) xx

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So what if I'm living with a friend right now and I'm kinda developing an eating disorder. Like i stopped eating and when I do it's maybe one egg or half a toast and then i pretend I'm full even though I'm starving. My friend noticed and talked to me about it and everything but I can't help it. I literally cannot eat but I feel dizzy and can't think of anything besides food but I refuse to eat more. I'm a runner and very active but I feel like I need to be skinnier and better. I can't eat

I’m glad you decided to share this and once you did, I’d like you to please listen to my advice and go see a doctor. It’s good that you’re aware of the problem, because eating disorders are a serious disease, which can have tragic consequences. I’m no specialist, but I do hope you go to one for advice and help. There’s no shame in doing so and I want you to do it. Trying to look better and healthier is good, doing sports is great, but only if you keep eating normally and healthy, giving your body a proper nutrition dose.

If you’re very active, then it’s even better, cause you shouldn’t worry about calories or that you eat too much, because you’ll burn this off doing sports. But you do need to eat. Teenage girls don’t realize it, but eating 4-5 portions a day is thousand times better than not eating at all and people lose weight eating those 5 small, but decent portions of food a day. Starving yourself only leads to serious diseases, anorexia and in critical situations - death.

So please, go see a specialist, it’s your health and life we’re talking about. xx

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Could you please link your imagines I'm on my phone and can't find them xxx

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Do you think it's possible to actually (italics) like start falling in love with a fictional you created? This is probably the stupidest question ever but like, I have this story I write and the main male character is in a relationship with the main female character (who is basically me lol) and I think I love him a little bit more everyday? Like I actually dream (italics again) about him and he made me forget my ex and everything. Idk. I think I'm weird. Been reading way too many books.

No, I personally think you can only fall in love with a real person, additionally a person that you actually know. However you can fall head over heals for the idea of someone or something. You don’t actually love your character from the fanfic, but you love thinking about it and it helped you with everyday problems, which is perfectly okay. I do that too sometimes. But at the end of the day, you have to separate your imagination from reality, because one day you’re gonna meet “the one” for real. xx

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this boy band concerns me


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Never ForGET


Never ForGET

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Why 3/4 of posts in “easter” tag are naked chicks with bunny ears and butt plugs? :O

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