If you haven’t read the first part, please don’t start here, click this link and read the first part. I promised I’ll make a continuation of the story and so I did. Sorry you had to wait so long, but I hope you’ll like it. Let me know what you think! :)

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MORNING KISSES - Harry One Shot (Mature) 

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WON’T LET YOU GO - Harry One Shot 

WARNING: This story involves Taylor Swift. My purpose is not to abuse or throw hate on her, but if you’re her fan, you’ve been warned.

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THE INVESTIGATION - Harry One Shot(Mature) 

Part two of this imagine as many of you were more than eager to know what happens next. As it came out longer than I anticipated, I decided to turn it into a quick one shot. Listen to this song while reading.  Enjoy ;)

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THE SEANCE - Harry One Shot (Mature)  

„I’ll be at yours in 30 minutes. I love you.” I said and I could tell that she was smiling on the other side of the phone. “I’ll be waiting, love you too.” She replied and hung up. As soon as she told me she had a bad day, I knew I needed to be beside her. And that’s exactly what she needed too. My touch. And I was more than willing to give it to her.

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I unpack another box of stuff, putting them on shelves, but my moves are so mechanic and senseless. My mind is far away from “Buy at Bob’s” shop where I work. It’s in Harry’s apartment, bed specifically. Oh, what we did last night. When he made me come. First with his lips, his skilful tongue. Oh Boy, Harry knows how to work a woman’s body. And then when he got inside me with his enormous length. That was sensational feeling. My fingers are nothing to compare to Harry. I realized I just moaned slightly out loud and I’m kneeling on the floor of the magazine with my lips parted and I’m panting. What the actual fuck? I just thought about his touch and just by this thought, he can make me aroused.

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MASTER OF LOVE MAKING - Harry One Shot (Mature) 

I glance at myself in the mirror. My brown hair falls on my shoulders.  I’m wearing tight blue jeans, my favourite ones by the way and a white V-Tshirt that hangs loosely on my body. It’s too big, cause it’s not my size. It’s the size of Harry. He borrowed me this shirt yesterday when we were hanging out at his place. A small grin shows up on my face. We’re chilling out at his place for a week now. Every day I come up to his apartment and we spend some time together – watching movies, getting to know each other, joking around. Making out on his couch. I flush. He is the most amazing guy I ever met. I’m so grateful I stumbled at him on the street a week ago. I always dreamed of meeting Harry Styles from One Direction and I did it in the most unexpective moment. On a street, just like that. We know each other just for 7 days now, but I feel like we’ve known forever. And he feels the same about me. I start reminding our two last meetings. I was surprised that Harry Styles the ladies man didn’t want to fuck me on a first date. Or second, or third. He is really strong, he survived this whole week with just kissing and touching a little.

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I looked myself up and down in the mirror and took a deep breath. I visited  literally every shop in central London to find a perfect dress for this occasion. I still can’t believe this is happening. I’m going on a date. With Harry Styles. And it’s not another dream or my rich imagination. This is a real life and it’s about to happen. I started reminding that moment when he asked me out. I travelled 11 hours to get to London, where they were currently staying and I spent almost all of my savings to see them on a signing. It was already the day of my life and while I was heading to that shopping centre, I had no idea it can be even better.

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DO WHATEVER I TELL YOU - Harry One Shot (Mature) 

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Living our dream together - Harry One Shot 

This story is really special for me, because I wrote it with my best friend Anastastia, so credits go to her, but what’s more important, it’s a beautiful story that needs to come true, so please, take a few minutes of your time and read it, because I can assure you that you won’t regret.

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What about a threesome? - Harry and Niall One Shot (Mature) 

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Us Against The World - Harry One shot 

Open this and listen while reading

 [ I’m sorry it’s long, but please stick to the end ]

I closed my eyes, listening to the birds’ singing and the sound of water from the fountain. It was so inspiring when I was writing. When I want to write I always come to this park. It’s my favourite place.  I stopped thinking for a second. Just enjoying the nature. I wanted to be happy with every little thing that comes in life, because I didn’t have much time left.

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A dessert - Harry One shot (Mature) 

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What would I do to you - Harry One Shot (Mature) 

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WHAT ARE WE EATING TODAY? - Harry One Shot (Mature) 

*9 a.m. in the morning*

I wake up. I open my eyes slowly thinking about yesterday. I’m laying with Harry in a spoon position, he’s embracing me tightly with his strong arm. I stroke his arm, smiling to myself and reminding how much pleasure he gave me last night. It’s hard to believe, how good is he in bed. I’ve never experienced something like that. He’s like some freaking sex god. Suddenly I feel as he kisses gently my shoulder and murmurs:”Hello beautiful. How do you feel after meeting the Curly beast?” I giggle and say:” Still in payne a little. But I love your ‘curly beast’ side.” I turn around and kiss him. He runs his hands through my naked body, giving me goosebumps. I look him deeply in his beautiful green eyes and whisper:”I love you.” He smiles and says:”I love you more, darling.” I lazily get up, heading to the kitchen to make breakfast.

I put the kettle on and patiently wait to make a coffee. Suddenly I feel Harry grabs me from behind and hugs me. I turn around and he says:”Hello again” and kisses my forehead. “I’m making a breakfast, what are we eating today, scrambled eggs or pancakes?” He grins and doesn’t answer my question – instead, he rains me with kisses and put his hands under my shirt.”I think I’d like to eat something else right now like I don’t know, maybe…your pussy.” he murmurs with a smirk.

 He lifted me up and seated me on the kitchen unit. He slowly took of my shirt and started caressing  my breasts and licking my nipples. With the other hand, he took of my panties and spreaded my legs. He kept kissing me, first lips, then neck, shoulders, decolletage, breasts, like he wanted to kiss every little part of my body. Then my stomach and finally he went down. He kissed my tighs gently and held them firmly. He started to working on my pussy with his tongue, first slowly up and down and then he focused on my clit. He kissed it and started sucking it, driving me crazy. I started moaning and I run my fingers through his curls. “Oooh, yes, do it, your fingers, I want them inside me, please…” I felt he smiled while working on my clit. He raised his head and looked at me:”You little slut, you want fingers too, huh?” He slowly brought his fingers closer, just touching my pussy without getting in. I hate when he teases me. Eventually he entered his fingers a little. “Like that, babe? You want it like that?” he laughed. “Yes, yes, deeper.” I moaned. He said:”Ok, but say who’s giving you that pleasure. I want to hear it, come on.” I wanted to kill this motherfucker for teasing me like that.” You, you are, Harry, please just…” He came back to sucking my clit, but this time, fingers joined the game too. He was thrusting his fingers inside me, every time deeper and harder, exploring the new depths. I was barely breathing. “I’m coming, Harry, harder!” I groaned. “Come for me, baby.” he moaned, trying even more if it was even possible. The one final thrust and he did it. Magic pleasure flooded through my whole body. We reached the climax. Harry kissed my clit one last time, saying:”Good girl.”

He got up proudly and he was standing in front of me, with my legs wrapped around him and he was looking at me – sweaty, exhausted girl who gave herself to him so easily. He embraced me and kissed me passionately. “So, scrambled eggs or pancakes?” he whispered with a smirk, so randomly like nothing happened a few minutes ago. We both laughed and I said:”I don’t think I’m hungry anymore. If you think that after what you did to me, we’ll make breakfast, then you’re wrong. We’re going back to the bedroom, Haz.” He chuckled, lifted me up firmly and said:”Your wish is my command, sweetheart.”  

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