I looked myself up and down in the mirror and took a deep breath. I visited  literally every shop in central London to find a perfect dress for this occasion. I still can’t believe this is happening. I’m going on a date. With Harry Styles. And it’s not another dream or my rich imagination. This is a real life and it’s about to happen. I started reminding that moment when he asked me out. I travelled 11 hours to get to London, where they were currently staying and I spent almost all of my savings to see them on a signing. It was already the day of my life and while I was heading to that shopping centre, I had no idea it can be even better.

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DO WHATEVER I TELL YOU - Harry One Shot (Mature) 

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Living our dream together - Harry One Shot 

This story is really special for me, because I wrote it with my best friend Anastastia, so credits go to her, but what’s more important, it’s a beautiful story that needs to come true, so please, take a few minutes of your time and read it, because I can assure you that you won’t regret.

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What about a threesome? - Harry and Niall One Shot (Mature) 

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Us Against The World - Harry One shot 

Open this and listen while reading

 [ I’m sorry it’s long, but please stick to the end ]

I closed my eyes, listening to the birds’ singing and the sound of water from the fountain. It was so inspiring when I was writing. When I want to write I always come to this park. It’s my favourite place.  I stopped thinking for a second. Just enjoying the nature. I wanted to be happy with every little thing that comes in life, because I didn’t have much time left.

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She’s starting with her one shot blog. Please help her, it’s just a minute or two for you and for her it means a lot. She takes requests for personal one shots - go ask for one!

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A dessert - Harry One shot (Mature) 

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What would I do to you - Harry One Shot (Mature) 

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WHAT ARE WE EATING TODAY? - Harry One Shot (Mature) 

*9 a.m. in the morning*

I wake up. I open my eyes slowly thinking about yesterday. I’m laying with Harry in a spoon position, he’s embracing me tightly with his strong arm. I stroke his arm, smiling to myself and reminding how much pleasure he gave me last night. It’s hard to believe, how good is he in bed. I’ve never experienced something like that. He’s like some freaking sex god. Suddenly I feel as he kisses gently my shoulder and murmurs:”Hello beautiful. How do you feel after meeting the Curly beast?” I giggle and say:” Still in payne a little. But I love your ‘curly beast’ side.” I turn around and kiss him. He runs his hands through my naked body, giving me goosebumps. I look him deeply in his beautiful green eyes and whisper:”I love you.” He smiles and says:”I love you more, darling.” I lazily get up, heading to the kitchen to make breakfast.

I put the kettle on and patiently wait to make a coffee. Suddenly I feel Harry grabs me from behind and hugs me. I turn around and he says:”Hello again” and kisses my forehead. “I’m making a breakfast, what are we eating today, scrambled eggs or pancakes?” He grins and doesn’t answer my question – instead, he rains me with kisses and put his hands under my shirt.”I think I’d like to eat something else right now like I don’t know, maybe…your pussy.” he murmurs with a smirk.

 He lifted me up and seated me on the kitchen unit. He slowly took of my shirt and started caressing  my breasts and licking my nipples. With the other hand, he took of my panties and spreaded my legs. He kept kissing me, first lips, then neck, shoulders, decolletage, breasts, like he wanted to kiss every little part of my body. Then my stomach and finally he went down. He kissed my tighs gently and held them firmly. He started to working on my pussy with his tongue, first slowly up and down and then he focused on my clit. He kissed it and started sucking it, driving me crazy. I started moaning and I run my fingers through his curls. “Oooh, yes, do it, your fingers, I want them inside me, please…” I felt he smiled while working on my clit. He raised his head and looked at me:”You little slut, you want fingers too, huh?” He slowly brought his fingers closer, just touching my pussy without getting in. I hate when he teases me. Eventually he entered his fingers a little. “Like that, babe? You want it like that?” he laughed. “Yes, yes, deeper.” I moaned. He said:”Ok, but say who’s giving you that pleasure. I want to hear it, come on.” I wanted to kill this motherfucker for teasing me like that.” You, you are, Harry, please just…” He came back to sucking my clit, but this time, fingers joined the game too. He was thrusting his fingers inside me, every time deeper and harder, exploring the new depths. I was barely breathing. “I’m coming, Harry, harder!” I groaned. “Come for me, baby.” he moaned, trying even more if it was even possible. The one final thrust and he did it. Magic pleasure flooded through my whole body. We reached the climax. Harry kissed my clit one last time, saying:”Good girl.”

He got up proudly and he was standing in front of me, with my legs wrapped around him and he was looking at me – sweaty, exhausted girl who gave herself to him so easily. He embraced me and kissed me passionately. “So, scrambled eggs or pancakes?” he whispered with a smirk, so randomly like nothing happened a few minutes ago. We both laughed and I said:”I don’t think I’m hungry anymore. If you think that after what you did to me, we’ll make breakfast, then you’re wrong. We’re going back to the bedroom, Haz.” He chuckled, lifted me up firmly and said:”Your wish is my command, sweetheart.”  

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This one’s for you - Harry One Shot 

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One night girl - Harry One Shot 

“Em, hurry up, we’re gonna miss the plane!” I heard from the living room. That was my best  friend, she’s so impatient. Of course I understand that our excursion to Las Vegas is very expensive and the plane won’t wait for us, but there’s something more important - my followers obviously. I checked everything twice, set up a queue so my blog will be updated and I won’t loose my followers. Ok, I think everything’s done, just one more look on a dashboard, nope, there’s nothing new. I can go. Reluctantly I closed my notebook and went downstairs. My friend was waiting in the door with her suitcase and she was giving me a judging look as she said:”You are sick. You should go to the parties, find a boyfriend and do something with your life. Look at yourself, you’re 18 and you’re fangirling over these 5 idiots like a 12 years old daughter of your neighbors.” I hate when she say that. I always want to stand up to her, but I can’t because she’s right. I’m in love with 5 idiots and every day I get more and more involved in this fandom. I can’t say I’m not mature, because normally I am. But in my second life, where I am a Tumblr blogger and I’m sexually frustrated when I see Harry, it’s different. So I simply replied to her: “If I could I would, but I can’t, so I..shan’t.”

However I’ll take a rest of One Direction and I’ll actually have a life. My friend convinced me to go to Las Vegas with her. To have some noncomittial fun. I agreed, but provided that I’ll take my notebook with me, just to feel more secure. I have to keep my future husbands close to me.


We landed. Las Vegas was amazing. I read a lot about that city, but I’ve never thought it might be that impressive. We got into a cab and I thought:”What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.” I will have some fun. We’ll go to a party and I’m gonna meet a guy, get drunk and dance till the morning. We got to our hotel, I have to admit, that my friend organized everything perfectly – the hotel was beautiful and it was really close to the city centre. We took the keys to our room and when we entered it, we dropped everything and jumped into the kingsize bed. Tonight we wanted to go to a club, there supposed to be an oldschool party. I went to the bathroom to take a shower and prepare myself.

I’m singing “Up All Night” hip thrusting in the shower. I get out of the bath and I wanted to dry my hair when I hear my friend’s calling me. I get out of the bathroom angrily just in my red underwear and I yell at her:”Hun, you know I love you, but you’re so annoying! I just wanted to have some Directioner privacy, you know : one does not simply interrupt me when I sing One Direction!” I point at her when I saw her standing in the door. I noticed the door is open and someone’s standing there. She says:”I called you because I think you’d like to help this guy, he has the room next to us.” She went to her room leaving me and ‘this guy’ alone. At first, I was staring at him and I couldn’t breath. After about 3 minutes I realized I’m just in my underwear, so I tried to hide myself with hands, because I hadn’t anything around to cover up. He quickly took off his jumper, showing his beautiful long torso.”Here, take it, you probably need it more than me.” And he gave me it. I took it on and I smelled his colon – heaven. I think I should eventually say something. “Thank you.” I spit out staring at him awkwardly and grining like an idiot. “I’m Harry, which I assume you know, as you had your ’Directioner privacy’ in the bathroom.” He bursted out laughing. I blushed and said:”I’m sorry. How long have you been here? Did you hear…?” He nodded:”Yeah, I did. Your version of Up All Night was so emotional. I’m impressed.” “Fuck.” I said to myself. “Ok, forgive me I’m not saying anything. It’s just I promised myself I won’t scream like the other fans if I ever meet you, but it’s so damn hard… Ok, I’m better now, I’m Em.” I said nervously, shaking his hand. He kissed my hand gently, saying:”It’s pleasure to meet you, beautiful.” I blushed again, thinking if this is real life. “Oh, and I’m sorry you saw me in my underwear, I thought there’s only my friend in the room.” He smiled and replied being his cheeky self:”You really don’t have to apologize for that. I loved what I saw.” He winked. He explained me he had a problem with the keys to the room and I saw that he’s doing everything to make this conversation longer. Finally when he didn’t have any imaginary problems left, he said:”Ok, I think I know everything. It’s brilliant to have a hotel neighbor like you. Are you going somewhere tonight?” he asked. “Yeah, I had to go with my friend to this club, there’s oldschool evening…” I said, hoping he’ll say he’s going there too. “I’m going there too. Actually I supposed to go with the boys, but if you want, we could go together, I’m sure the boys will entertain your friend well , so she won’t be mad at you.” Yes, he did that, Harry Styles asked me out! “But Harry, you should know I’ve been hurt many times by men and I’m sure after this night I will fall for you so if you just wanna have fun, please tell me this right now.” I said awkwardly, I had to say it, because that’s true. If I have to be his one night girl, I have to know this now. He kissed my cheek and said:”I would never hurt you. I don’t know why, but I feel like this night will be special.”

We met up at 9 in front of the hotel. I think the boys already had a before party, because they were so lively and funny. Or maybe it’s just them being them. We went to the club and had a great time. The boys were just exactly the same as in the interviews: cheeky, sweet and funny. Harry didn’t let me out of his sight all the time. We drank a little and the alcohol made me feel braver and more self-confident. Harry and me were the king and queen of the dance floor. I felt like a Cinderella and I was praying that I won’t have to run away after midnight. Around 3 a.m. Harry wanted to take me to his room. I said yes – you only live once, right? I didn’t care I’ll be heartbroken after we’ll fuck and he’ll just leave me without a word. The only thing that mattered was this moment. And in this moment Harry wanted to show me his magic skills in bed. Who would reject this opportunity?


We entered the room, him giving me a piggyback. He laid me gently on his bed, raining me with kisses. I giggled as his curls were tickling my body. He started undressing me slowly and I run my hands under his shirt. He was such a tease. Now I understood well why he made every woman around sexually frustrated. This was heaven. He had me and now I was giving myself to him without any hesitation. I wanted him to do with me whatever he wanted to. And he did. He gave me the best orgasm I could ever have. I wanted this moment to last forever. And I was right – I fell for him. One night with Harry was enough to fall in love with him.

I was laying with him in the bed, naked. My head rested on his chest, listening to his heart beat. We were still sweaty and hot after this incredible sex. I rolled myself so now I was sitting on top of him. “And I told you. I ended up as your one night girl.” I said sadly. He got up, so he was sitting now with me on his laps. He embraced me tightly as he said:” You’re right. But you have something that the other girls didn’t have. With you I can call sex making love. Because that’s what I just did. I made love with you, because I think you might be the one I was always looking for. You said you’ll fall for me, but I did the same. It’s crazy, but I want to learn everything about you and once I have you in my arms, I will never let you go anymore. I want you to be my one night girl every single night.” He kissed me passionately and somehow, I believed him.

He was right saying this night will be special. For the first time I fell in love feeling I’m loved too and being sure I won’t be hurt anymore. 

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